Our approach is evidence-based. The contents of the Team Leader Instructional Manual emerged from a two-year research project. We researched more than 500 academic articles and books to identify some choice ideas and frameworks. Fourteen key themes emerged. For each of those themes we distilled practical exercises for the team leader to use with their team. You don’t need to read the books or attain a qualification on team coaching/leadership to use the Team Leader Instruction manual, but rest assured the content is robust.

We don’t suggest you read the Team Leader Instruction Manual from front to back. We expect you to select areas to work on based on the needs of your team at the time. Focus on topics when you need to – go at your own pace – craft your own journey.

Each Team Leader Instruction Manual pack includes the Manual itself, plus access to more than 30 support resources you can draw upon in using the Manual with your team. Those resources include readings, exercises and games.